Compliment Dr. Bubble Foam shampoo for newborns “My mothers tenderness”

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Dr. Bubble – a series of pure and natural cosmetics from Compliment® based on organic compounds. The tool is designed for gentle daily cleansing of hair and body, easy to wash and does not irritate the eyes, the shape of the foaming agent is easy to use. Particularly soft washing ingredients of plant origin is very gently cleanse baby’s skin supersensitive and maintain the physiological balance of the scalp. Anti-inflammatory complex Canadian Willowherb ™ extract-based composition tools Epiloba in perfectly regenerates the skin, reduces redness and irritation, inhibits the growth of bacteria. Due to the content of salicylic acid helps to remove skin “milk crusts” (seborrhea) and has kerato-regulating action, strengthening the skin barrier. Samopenyaschiysya shampoo for newborns does not spread and is very easy to apply on the hair. It has a slight pleasant scent, easy to rinse, leaving the skin baby soothing and soft hair. Volume: 160 mL

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